Xingyiquan (形意拳) is a Chinese fighting art with very deep roots. Today there exist many different xingyiquan branches that all stems from the same strong trunk.

Masters Che Yizhai And Guo Yunsheng

The search and the realization of a profond and durable explosive power is one of the essential training in this method. Dachengquan (yiquan), created by Master Wang Xiangzhai, is considered an evolutive branch of this art.


The xingyiquan technics that we practice, and that we initially studied with Master Tokitsu Kenji, were influenced by the teachings of Masters such as Chen Panling and Wang Shujin. The essence of our training comes from the methodology of Dachengquan. But this is all circular since one arises form the other.

Xingyiquan démonstration in Datong, China

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