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Health exercises

Health exercises

We offer training programs in health exercices which originate primarily form China and Japan.

Recently these methods have been referred to by the generic Chinese term of qigong (気功) or kiko in Japanese.

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Fighting arts

Fighting arts

Our training programs offers different methods in fighting arts from China and Japan.
We currently offer training in the disciplines of:
dachengquan (大成拳) - taijiquan (太极拳) - karate-jutsu (空手術) - xingyiquan (形意拳)- ken-jutsu (剣術)

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Workshops and digital content

Workshops and digital content

We offer different types of workshops open to all. We also offer online training and digital training materials.

Our philosophy

To us preserving and improving global  health is  the most important aspect of any type of training.

In this optic we teach classical  health exercises mostly from China and Japan which offer very effective and proven methods to cultivate a good health.

We also approach the different figthing systems that we  teach as art forms that can be pratciced throughout one's life, even through old age, as a mean of self development and a way to continually improve our health.


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