Taijiquan (太極拳), or tai chi chuan, is a complete and sophisticated art which can be practiced for both its health benefits and/or as a fighting method.

taijiquan in Shandong, China

Besides its particular way of using the body associated with huge benefits for health and its very efficient strategies for defense, the form of taijiquan that we practice shares the same foundation with the art of dachengquan (yiquan).

These two training methods meet in their concrete usage of the principle of yin and yang. Because of this, the compatibility between them is completely transparent.

taijiquan at xunakongsi

The main form that we teach today was heavily influenced by the teachings and practice of Master Tokitsu Kenji who evolved his high level practice of taijiquan from his personal research and experience in the practice of the fighting arts and health exercises.

taijquan with Master Tokitsu

Our training and practice of taijiquan has also been profoundly influenced by the teachings of Master Chen Zhonghua, a renowned expert in the practical method of Chen taijiquan.

Philippe with Master Chen Zhonghua in China
Tuishou with Master Chen Zhonghua in China

We teach today an evolutive form of the art of taijiquan simply named synthesis taijiquan.

synthesis tajiquan