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The Munndialarts method


When thinking about training, either for health and well-being  or self-defence, the concepts of method and pedagogy become essential points.

It is from this viewpoint that we refer to a Munndialarts Method.

Munndialarts group training in a park
Munndialarts group training in a park
Training at the Munndialarts school 15 years ago
Training at the Munndialarts school 15 years ago

This method is never stagnant but evolves and improves itself in time, through experiences, meetings and constant research. However it follows a clear vision of what constitute a beneficial  practice for our health.

We aspire to offer our students the possibility to draw within a small bucket of diversified but carefully chosen coherent disciplines that will help there unique personnel growth.

For us, the most important thing for an efficient method is to help the individual in reaching is goals regarding both his health and self-defence needs.

Training workshop in China
Training workshop in China
Training in Beijing
Training in Beijing

Our practice and teaching are based on a training method that is common to all the different disciplines that we study, independently from their origin or their own characteristics.

This manifest itself concretely within the acknowledgement that every single one of these discipline the we practice is unique in the external appearance of their technics, strategies and the emphasis they place on a specific ways of using the body.

However, within the frame of a coherent and efficient method, it is essential that this reality happens following a strict common thread

Although the disciplines that constitutes or curriculum are different in unique externally, they all converge toward a crucial junction point as stated by Philippe Munn:

The most important aspect of method of practice is in the constancy in the body sensations that be transposed in  a transparent and fluid fashion within everyone of the different disciplines that practice.

The underlying guiding principle of the core of our method is first and above all the development a strong health and wellbeing through all of our life.

When we talk about the strengthening of health, the first evident principle to be respected is that no aspects of our training must be harmful to our body. On the contrary they must all contribute positively to the reinforcement of our global health.

In the choices made regarding our techniques there is no place for anything that would prematurely wear out our articulations or abuse our the wonderful system that is our body.

We have the opportunity in our times to be able to draw from a millennial well of human experiences and wisdom in the best ways of taking care of our bodies and mind and help us to prevent sickness.

The practice of health exercices and self-defence is for us an activity for the long run where efficiency manifest itself throughout all of our life.

Philippe Munn, founder of the Munndialarts school
Philippe Munn, founder of the Munndialarts school

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