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Master Zhao Dao Xin

1 mai 2011

Master Zhao Daoxin, also known as Zhao Enqin, was born in 1908. He became a student of Master Zhao Zhang Kui (Zhang Zhao Dong) founder of the xingyibaguazhang school of martial arts. A formidable fighter, Master Zhao Daoxin defeated several martial artist of his region in free-fighting. In 1930 he participated and won a national competition in Hangzhou.

Master Zhao Daoxin

He became a student of Master Wang Xiang Zhai with whom he studied yi quan (da cheng quan). He quickly became one of the best yi quan fighters of this era alongside his co-disciples Han Xing Qiao, Zhang Chang Xin and Gao Zhen Dong. He also studied liuhebafa with Master Wu Yi Hui, a close friend of Wang Xiang Zhai.

Master Zhao Daoxin

An experienced and realistic fighter, he remained critical throughout his life of traditional schools of Chinese martial arts where the practice of free sparring is little or not present. he combined modern techniques of training with what he learned from his teachers and his own combat experience to create his own school called xin hui zhang. He died in 1990.

A famous picture of Masters including Zhao Zhang Kui , Zhao Dao Xin and Wang Xiang Zhai

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