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Master You Peng Xi

6 juin 2008

Master You Peng Xi (Yu Pung Shi) was on of the important students of Master Wang Xiang Zhai, the founder of yi chuan or da cheng chuan, during a period when this art was being transmitted in Shanghai in the 1930s. He received the nickname “magic boxer.” As a medical doctor trained in part in Europe, Master You Peng Xi created his clean version of yi chuan or da cheng chuan called the kong jin (empty force) school. His school characterizes the work of expression of fa jing and by the emission of energy at a distance.

Master You Peng Xi demonstrating kon jin

At the beginning of the 1980’s, Dr. You moved to the Unites States with his wife, Master Min Ou Yang, where they would train a number of American students. Among some of their notable students we find: Henry Look, Fong Ha, Doc Fai Wong, Jane Hallender, Jan Diepersloot and many others. Master You Peng Shi died in 1984.

Mrs. You et Master You Peng Shi

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