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Master Yao Zong Xun

6 mars 2008

Until his death in 1985, Master Yao Zong Xun was thought of as Master Wang Xiang Zhai‘s successor in yi chuan / da cheng chuan.

Master Yao Zong Xun

Born in 1917 in the province of Zhe jian, master Yao began to practice martial arts at the age of 16. He practiced different schools of wu shu, then tam tui and xing yi chuan. He eventually became Master Wang Xiang Zhai’s student in 1937 after Master Wang Xiang Zhai defeated Yao‘s previous teacher, where he became Wang Xiang Zhai‘s most gifted student. In the 1940’s Wang Xiang Zhai named him his successor and gave him the symbolic name “Ji Xian” or “Xian‘s successor”. Yao Zong Xun then began to replace Master Wang Xiang Zhai for his training sessions.

During this time, he accepted a number of challengers in the name of Master Wang Xiang Zhai‘s school. Master Wang asked him to teach his method to a Japanese invaders during World War II. This Japanese man was Master Kenichi Sawai, who later founded, with the permission of Wang Xiang Zhai, the taiki ken school in Japan. Because of the difficulties of this time and the war, Master Yao did not teach Kenichi Sawai the complete method, yet he was still able to become an exceptional fighter who developed many original taiki ken exercises.

With the onset of Mao Tse Tung‘s cultural revolution, Master Yao moved to Chang Ping. Under Mao’s communist regime, Yao passed many difficult years in conditions where martial arts masters were persecuted.

Master Yao Zong Xun

He continued to teach until the end of his life. His training was generous and without mysticism. In 1984, he founded the yi chuan institute in Beijing. In 1985 in Hong Kong, he published a book simply titled “yi chuan“.

He died in January 1985 in Beijing where he was succeeded by his two sons Yao Cheng Rong and Yao Cheng Guang, as well as a number of quality students including Cui Rui Bin et Guo Gui zhi.

interpreted from Philippe Munn’s
original French language article
by J.L. Munn

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