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Master Yao Cheng Guang

1 mai 2011

Master Yao Chengguang is one of the two twins, along with his brother master Yao Chengrong, of Master Yao Zongxun. Born in 1953, he begins t he practice of yi quan under his father at the age of 8 years old.

Master Yao Chengguang

During the cultural revolution in China, his family was relocated in Changping to work in a commune. In spite of those difficult conditions, master Yao Zongxun continued to train his two sons in yi quan. The family returned to Beijing in 1979. Since the death of his father in 1985, master Yao Chengguang has been teaching yi quan in China and in other countries. He now has several hundred students throughout the world and teaches in his school in Beiljing the Zongxun Wuguan.

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