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Master Wang Yong Xiang

22 mai 2011

Master Wang Yong Xiang was born in Beijing in 1947 into a family of experts in wushu. He is the eldest son of Master Wang Bin Kui. At seven he began the practice of xing yi chuan and chi gong with his grandfather. At age 14, his father began his practice in the art of yi chuan (da cheng chuan).

Master Wang Yong Xiang

At the recommendation of his father Master Wang Bin Kui, Wang Yong Xiang entered the study group of yi chuan (da cheng chuan) formed by close students of the school’s founder, Master Wang Xiang Zhai .In this group, he meets some of the important disciples of the founder, including his daughter MasterWang Yu Fang and his successor Master Yao Zong Xun .

Master Wang Yong Xiang won numerous challenges continuing the tradition of effectiveness of yi chuan (da cheng chuan). He is a member of the “Beijing Yiquan Society” and teaches at his school the” Beijing Yiquan training center. ”

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