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Master Wang Xi An

3 mars 2008

Master Wang Xi An was born in 1944 in the Chinese village of Chen jia gou, the cradle of tai-chi chuan. He had studied the Chen school of tai-chi chuan from a very young age and was a student of Masters Chen Zhao Pi and Chen Zao Kui (the sons of the Grand Master Chen Fa Ke). Today, he is one of the masters of the 19th generation of the school of Chen.

maître Wang Xian

Master Wang Xi An in a Chen tai-chi chuan posture

Over the course of his competitive career he won many gold medals in important tai-chi chuan championships in China. Today Master Wang Xi An is considered to be one of the Grand Masters of the Chen school of tai-chi chuan and the Chinese republic currently recognizes him as one of the 4 Grand Masters of this school.

He has been very active for many years in propagating the Chen school of tai-chi chuan throughout the world and has taught many contemporary masters, including Master Kenji Tokitsu.

interpreted from Philippe Munn’s
original French language article
by J.L. Munn

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