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Master Li En jiu

14 novembre 2010

Master Li Enjiu began studying wushu with cha quan in 1956 under Master Ma Yong Kui at the age of 6. He then became a member of the Jinan team and later enters the sports college of Jinan,where he studied with Master Chen Hui among others.

In 1974 Master Li Enjiu became the disciple of Grand Master Hong Junsheng , master of the 18th generation of Chen taiji quan, with whom he studied the practical method of Chen taiji quan and push hands.

Grand Master Hong Junsheng with Master Li Enjiu

During his career Maite Enjiu Li has won many competitions, becoming top coach in Jinan in Shandong province and received a high national ranking degree for martial arts. He also travels to different countries to teach, including Japan, USA and Europe. He now heads the Tai Chi Shang Wu club in Shandong .

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