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Master Harumitsu Hida

7 avril 2008

Master Harumitsu Hida was born the son of a 50-year old doctor in 1883 in Japan. He was a weak and sullen child who suffered additional tragedies when his mother and three brothers and sisters were struck by disease.

At the age of 6 he contracted typhus so severely that his doctor’s declared his case hopeless. Although he survived with the aid of medications, he remained ill throughout the remainder of his childhood, which was filled with long periods of bed confinement.

At the age of 18, he rebelled against his fragile condition and decided to re-enforce his health. In order to achieve this, he began to systematically study his father’s works on anatomy and physiology. From this, he developed a deep conviction that there is a bond between belief and science.

He then collected works on physical exercise, medicine, hygiene and physiology of sports. He practiced each exercise that he found in hopes of discovering a method for improving his pitiful condition and attaining an ideal image of the human body.

He researched the most efficient exercises hoping to create a method resting on the following principles:

  • The method of practice must be active and non-passive;
  • The exercise must have an objective, not simply be a preparation for a technique;
  • The exercise must be done without monetary expense or the use of external instruments. Health must be developed only through use of the body;
  • The exercise must be effective with minimal time to ensure the regularity of practice and avoid useless tiredness.

Mae Harumitsu Hida dans l?exercice de son kata

Master Harumitsu Hida, in his 50’s, in the exercise of his kata

He advanced in the development of his method through studying the ways of people of quality, who had themselves invested their efforts in accomplishing the personal goals. His father encouraged him in these steps by purchasing him the books he wanted. He was happy to see his son living again.

His health rapidly improved and he could return to school. Every day he imposed on himself violent exercises and walked many kilometers to attend school. Over the years of his research for improving health, he found a true way to develop health, a method for life.

Thirty-seven years after he began his research he wrote: ” La voie sacré du centre – Méthode de Hida pour fortifier le corps (Sei chushin-do Hida-shiki Kyu jutsu). By then, he was more than 50 years old and people mistook him for 20 or 30 upon seeing him. His body was robust, his vision was better than perfect and he was filled with a vitality that was out of the ordinary.

He owes this admirable and astonishing result to his method of sacred center re-enforcement. He wrote of the force spouting from the sacred center of the body as being a vibrant and luminescent that is neither simply a physical force, nor a mechanical force. For it to arrive, one must acquire the perfect posture for the body and concentrate the spiritual force on the center of the body.

Following an ascetic period towards foods he considered harmful to the body, he came to build his personal diet simply on how the food made him feel, which he established to better appreciate positive food. He adopted a strict diet containing rice and did not eat complex or heavy foods, drink alcohol, or eat sugar. By the end of his life he ate little more than uncooked brown rice.

In 1922 he had a particular experience where he felt the blow of an alarming power emanating from the center of the body. This experience deeply moved him and gave him proof of the accuracy of his steps. It is from here that he began to systematize his method.

Through elaborating and applying his method, he developed his physical and mental capacities to a completely surprising and uncommon degree.

Harumitsu Hida passed away in 1956, a suicide following a 49 day fast, at that age of 72.

The method which he left is very difficult to realize, demanding complete commitment to being very particular and not very accessible.

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