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Master Han Xing Qiao

20 mai 2008

Master Han Xing Qiao (1909-2004) was one of the first and among the best students of Master Wang Xiang Zhai in yi chuan, or da cheng chuan. With his brother, Master Han Xin Yuan and a few others, he belonged to the first great training period of yi chuan from 1928 to 1925 in Shanghai.

Master Han Xinqiao

With his classmates, the masters Zhao Dao Xin, Zhang Chang Xin and Gao Zhen Dong, he belonged to a group of ferocious fighters, nicknamed “the four magnificent warriors” or “the four diamond warriors”, who represented yi chuan during exchanges or challenges from other practitioners. When Master Wang Xiang Zhai moved to Beijing at the end of the 1930’s, Master Han Xing Qiao joined him to accept challenges. At this time, Master Wang Xiang Zhai was very critical of the practice of martial arts of the time and offered a challenge, open to all, to exchange on his opinions. It was principally his students, Han Xing Qiao, Hong Lian Shun, Yao Zong Xun and Zhou Zi Yan who accepted the challenge during this period.

Master Han Xing Qiao trained a number of students, such as his two sons, Han Jin Gyu and Han Jing Sheng, who set up a method, continuing their father’s work.

interpreted from Philippe Munn’s
original French language article
by J.L. Munn

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