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Master Chen Pan Ling

9 février 2008

Chen Pan Ling was born in the province of Henan in 1892. He began the practice of Shaolin boxing at the age of 7, but later studied the 3 principal internal martial arts of tai-chi chuan, xing-yi chuan and Ba gua zhang under the supervision of the greatest masters of the time: Yang Shaohou, Wu Jian quan, Ji Zi Xiu, Xu Yu Sheng, Li Cu Ny, Liu Cai Chen, Chen Hai Ting et Dong Lian Ji. He spent more than a year studying the Chen style of tai chi chuan in the village Chen Jia Gou.

Master Chen Pan Ling in a xing yi chuan posture

Educated as a civil engineer, Master Chen Pan Ling always sought to apply a scientific approach to his practice and teaching of the martial arts. As a result, during the 1930’s, he was the head of a committee of Chinese experts charged to preserve the essential elements of the various schools of tai-chi chuan. It was this work that eventually led to the birth of a new, unified form of tai-chi chuan.

Master Chen Pan Ling in a tai-chi chuan posture

Chen Pan Ling latered moved to Taiwan where he became friends with another great master, Wang Shu Jin. It was during the course of this friendship that Chen Pan Ling was able to pass his knowledge of the new unified form to Wang Shu Jin.

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