Synthesis taiji quan

The synthesis taijiquan form (合成太極拳) offers a complete method of training for both health and self-defence. adding to the deep benefits for health and its very efficient fighting strategies, the synthesis taijiquan form uses the same profond roots for internal training offered in the method of dachengquan (yiquan). Because of this, there is a seamless compatibility between these two disciplines.

Munndialarts group practicing synthesis taijiquan at the Xuankongsi, China 2010

The roots of this taijiquan form:

Around 1936, a committee of experts was formed in China to preserve the positive aspects of different schools of wushu.

It was headed by Master Chen Pan Ling and it reviewed the various schools of tai chi chuan from the most respected teachers. From it was created a form that incorporated the major elements of the taijiquan classical schools of Chen, Yang, and Wu. The form was refered as unified (synthesis) taijiquan was created.

Synthesis Taiji quan

Subsequently, Master Chen Pan Ling developed a training relationship with Master Wang Shu Jin. Master Wang Shu Jin learned this form of taiji quan from Master Chen Pan Ling. He later included his own knowledge of baguazhang and xingyiquan, (zong nan men), in this taiji quan form.

The new form included his approach to internal work (qigong) and his strategy of fighting. This new version of the form was named zhen zong taijiquan, or authentic synthesis taijiquan. One of the contemporary masters of this school is Master Wang Fu Lai.

Philippe Munn with Master Tokitsu Kenji

Our version of the form has its roots in the teachings of Master Tokitsu KenjiMaster Tokitsu Kenji learn this form from Master Wang Fu Lai  to further evolve this taijiquan by including his own experience in martial arts and internal work and renamed his personal version jisei taichi (the taijiquan form to help you evolve by yourself).

The version of this form taught today at the Munndialarts school is simply called synthesis taijiquan.

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