Chen taijiquan

Health and martial art

The practical method of Chen taijiquan is characterized by a clear training methodology et a precise program adapted to all physical condition and ages. It is based on the practice of two classical forms called yilu and erlu and the practice of push hands exercises called tuishou.

Philippe Munn and Master Chen Zhonghua doing tuishou at the Great Wall in China.

Munndialarts group with Master Chen Zhonghua at is taijiquan school in Daqingshan, China.

We train in Chen style taiji quan primarely based on the practical method of Master Hong Junshengwhich we studied under master Chen Zhonghua.

Master Chen Zhonghua teaching Chen taijiquan to Philippe Munn in Beijing, China

Munndialarts group doing Chen taijiquan in the mountains of Shangdong in China

Training in qinna (chinna) of taijiquan with Master Cai Shenye in China

We started our studies of Chen taijiquan under the guidance of Master Tokitsu Kenji in 1989. The forms taught at this time came from the teachings of different Masters such as  Matsuda Ryushi and Wang Xian.

Chen taijiquan training with Master Tokitsu Kenji.

Chen Taiji quan is a form accessible to all that is based on a clear and precise method insuring a structured and effective progress.

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