Health and art martial

Taijiquan (tai chi, tai chi chuan) is an art whose health benefits are increasingly recognized. Several million people worldwide practice taijiquan. Taijiquan is avery effective martial art which uses the principles of the duality of yin and yang.

taijiquan at the Xuankongsi temple, China

Chen taijiquan training with Master Chen Zhonghua in Beijing, China

Among the health benefits associated with the practice of taijiquan, here are a few:

– Strength;
– Increased flexibility of joints of the body;
– Development of cardiovascular capacity but very smoothly;
– Greater endurance and increased vitality;
– Better management of stress;
– Increased general relaxation;
– Possible integration with qigong training;

All these benefits have been recognized by several generations of followers and has also been generating more interest from the scientific and medical communities. Of course, these benefits can be acquired only through regular and assiduous practice. Our program of taijiquan for health opens the door to all these possibilities for your health.

If you want to explore the more dynamic martial aspects of taijiquan, we offer a full program of taijiquan as a martial art. Taijiquan is a very efficient fighting art with sophisticated techniques which are in perfect harmony with the strengthening exercises of qigong (chi gong, chi kung or kikô).

Synthesis taijiquan at the Munndialarts school

Taijiquan with Master Ni Yuanhai, China

We propose the exploration of taiji quan for health and/or martial art through two different schools of this art:

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