The Munndialarts school, founded by Philippe Munn in 1989, offers training programs and seminars in martial arts and health exercises from China and Japan.

Munndialarts group with Master Guo Guizhi

Master Guo Guizhi, expert in dachengquan, visiting the Munndialarts school

Munndialarts group with Master Chen Zhonghua, expert in Chen taijiquan, in China

We specialize in the practice and teaching of  dachengquan (yiquan), taijiquan, xingyiquan, karate-jutsu, kobu-jutsu and qigong

On this site, you will also find technical, cultural and historical information in our articles section.


Philippe Munn

Mundialarts group visiting the Zitongshan Wushu Academy China

Munndialarts group visiting  the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

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